05 June 2011

June 6th - June 12th Meal Plan Recipes

I love over easy eggs, turkey bacon & re fried beans. Scrambled eggs, slice of ham & toast. Or a simple bowl of cereal.  I keep frozen cinnamon rolls on hand for special occasions {yes, I reward my children with sweets}A full day of  no accidents for my potty training two year old was a cause for celebration last week.  My oldest also got commended on his TAKS  test. A sugar rush for breakfast, can be a good thing.  My boys know how important breakfast is to us.
Kellogs select cereals, waffels pop tarts (coupons link)
$1 off Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls (coupon link) <-- my favorite, so not good for you breakfast treat

Big Breakfasts & Big Dinners means a light lunch and plenty leftover. Leftover's or a great sandwich is what's for lunch. There is a no fuss lunch rule here!!

Snacks & Desserts: 
I love having a dessert for after dinner snack every now and then. Especially if we have company or the kids friends over.  Fruit is a must for this family. 
Apple Cobbler (recipe link)
7 up cake (recipe link)
Fresh Pineapple $1.25/2 Del Monte Gold fresh (coupon link)
Nestle Crunch Candy Bars buy 2 get 1 free  & Nestle crunch $.35 coupon  

Creamy Chicken & Broccoli Casserole (recipe link) corn & rolls
-$1off philadelphia cooking cream (coupon link)

Carne Guisada (recipe link), homemade tortillas (recipe link) <-- the best Authentic Mexican dishes

Watermelon & Feta Salad (recipe link)
Simple Egg Salad Sandwiches

Cheese Burgers & Grilled Veggies (recipe link) $1 kraft Deli Deluxe Slices (coupon link)

Eating Out!!

Chicken Cacciatore (recipe link) & side Salad

Baby Back Ribs (recipe link) potato salad, corn on the cob & baked beans

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