07 April 2011

The Nostalgic Treat That is Peeps

 Do you ever see or hear something that has such a nostalgic meaning to you.  I love when that happens, to reminisce of the good old days is pure bliss to me. 
When I hear the name Peeps I think of my precious Great Grandfather.  He was by all accounts the sweetest man I have ever met.  I grew up visiting him all the time even though we lived hundreds of miles away.  Every Easter my brother and I looked forward to the treats he had waiting for us.  My mom was not fond of buying us much of anything that contained sugar.  So we were always eager to have our treats from our Great Grandfather.  A pack of peeps chicks was always our most favorite of all.  What kid doesn't love a sugar coated marshmallow. I loved peeling them apart so that they were no longer connected to their siblings. Oh, and eating them was so thought out and planned. Do you start with their heads first, start at the tail or plop the entire chick in your mouth.  Poor little guys we tormented them and enjoyed every minute of it.  My Great Grandfather loved them as much as we did.  I can still see him taking each chick down in one bite.  When my Great Grandfather past away the love of our little sweet treats didn't go away, but became a staple that my mom embraced.  I think she realized how amazing they were herself.  They were such a special and meaningful treat to all of us even today.   There was rarely any other treat besides peeps that my mom added to our basket, which we were perfectly content with.  And I had no idea peeps went beyond the yellow chicks. We had  all colors of chicks and bunnies.  Bunnies, yes they were our new found peeps.  We could spend endless time playing with these little bunnies and nibbling off their ears.  We ate those little guys all day long until our bellies hurt. It was pure joy.
A mother of three I enjoy making each their own special Easter Basket filled with peeps of course.  Peeps are the mascot treat of Easter in my family.  My boys  now enjoy the sweet treats of peeps. And U'm excited for them to read this and know just how special they are to me.

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