01 September 2011

Terrible Two's...no thank you

 We are battling the terrible two's!  Please pray for me...seriously. I need a lot of prayers to stay sane.  My sweet boy loves to test me and he is not going to win this battle.  Especially since his 6 month old brother is soaking up every single ounce of wisdom from him.  He watches his every move and already treats him like the bee's knees.  I have learned that I can get 20 - 30 minutes of me time by sitting my two yr old in the tub and my 6 month old in his exersaucer.  And by me time I mean getting to sit on a chair a foot away from them and paint my nails, return emails on my laptop, pull out a white hair (ugh or three), or just plain veg!  It's really pure bliss!!   This was before the blissful bath, we spent sometime outside today!!

1 comment:

  1. I was like your 6 month old...when I was a 2 year old, my older sister was 4 years old. I learned by watching her how to stay out of trouble...I'd watch what she was doing, if she didn't get in trouble then I'd do it too...but, if she got in trouble I'd not do it! Your 6 month old is going to be REALLY smart! LOL

    I'll say a prayer for you!!!