11 June 2011

Sunday Inserts June 12, 2011

 I am on vacation mode now! Yippee for summer.  I am trying to keep these kiddos as active as possible.  I literally sat outside with them for two hours yesterday. {I'm not lame, I just get tempted by air condition}.  No laptop or cell phone's  just the boys and I sitting on the patio.  We even had a pizza out there.  There is nothing more comfortable than having the A.C. blasted, but for my boys I will do anything.  

Not that telling you about my afternoon yesterday has anything to do with coupon inserts, but it does let you in on why my posts are so sporadic.  

Sunday brings a new day with New inserts.  My favorite day of the week.  
I can tell you we will have two inserts in our Sunday papers.  To get a detailed list check it out here.

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