22 May 2011

I just got my Old Navy sample & Share Kit from Style Council & CrowdTap

 So excited!!  I just checked my mail and look what was in there waiting for me!!

I am part of the Old Navy Style Council, that means I get 4 FREE coupons for Womens Active wear pants ($29.90 or less).  I get to share these with my friends and see how we like them.  I've talked about how much I love CrowdTap and being chosen to be part of the OldNavy Style Council is another reason why I heart them.


I can't wait until 5/26 to head over to Old Navy with my sisters and friend to score our FREE pairs of Old Navy Workout pants!  Just in time for our workouts for those bikini bodies ;) 

Join me at crowdtap its a blast!

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