24 December 2010

Mens Levis 501 Jeans $30 today only December 24, 201

Mens Levis 501 Jeans $69 retail $30 today only at No More Rack.  

$2 flat rate shipping.

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  1. This review is from: Levi’s Men’s 501 Jean (Apparel)

    I have been carrying Levi’s 501 since i used to be sixteen – which implies that for twenty two years I keep returning to the

    classic, and it continually fits good. www.levis501jean.com
    This is the primary time i’m ordering my jeans through Amazon – i’m not a giant fan of ordering cloths remotely while not

    attempting it on, however i assumed what the hey, how am i able to fail with the classic 501. And indeed I got it good,

    standard nice blue jeans: enter levi’s into the e-commerge age.