08 December 2010

MasterCard Cardholders Get Access to Discounts & Offers

There are some AMAZE BALL deals!  Let me give you the 411.
  •  Sign Up is FREE 
  • Submit your email address and (password) click No, I'm new to MasterCard MarketPlace
  • Complete the short sign up  
  • MasterCard Holders: enter the 1st 6 digits of your MasterCard
  • If you are not a MasterCard Holder: click No thanks
MasterCard holders get way more benefits and deals than a non masterCard holder. If you have a MasterCard, I highly suggest entering the 1st 6 digits to view those amazing deals.

  • Use the MasterCard Marketplace to shop at your favorite stores online (my faves: Target, Macy's Sephora, Barne's & Knoble, etc)
  • MasterCard Marketplace will give you the best discounts  for the site you shop at
  • Earn WOWpoints for making purchases through the MasterCard Market Place. 
  • Get 1,000 WOWpoints for your 1st purchase that's $10
  • An Exclusive Overwhelming offer drops at 1pm EST everyday  through the holidays (Overwhelming Offers (OOs) are Limited in Quantity)
 Previous Overwhelming Offers (OOs)
  • $100 Off $180 UGGs at Shoes.com (Get $100 Statement Credit on a $180+ Purchase) First 5000 
  • $50 Off $100 at Target (Get $50 Statement Credit on a $100+ Purchase) First 2000  
  • $100 Off $200 Home Depot Card (Get $100 Statement Credit on a $200+ Purchase) First 1000
  • $500 Off an Energy Star Washer and Dryer (Get $500 Statement Credit on a $1000+) First 200 
  • $50 Off $100 at Toys R Us (Get $50 Statement Credit on a $100+ Purchase) First 5000
  • $50 Off $100 Gift Card (Get $50 Statement Credit on a $100+ Purchase) First 1000 
 I can't wait to see what tomorrows OO's deal will be!

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