17 December 2010

Candy Crate 1950's Retro Candy Gift Box Nostalgic

 For the person who has everything: 
Candy Crate 1950's Retro Candy Gift Box $29.90

Retro Candy Gift Box is full of favorite nostalgic candy from the 1950's. GREAT GIFT IDEA! Boston Baked Beans, Broadway Mini Roll,Caramel Cream Bullseye Bar, C Howard Violet Gum, Candy Cigarettes, Charms Sweet & Sour Pops, Chuckles, Cinnamon Toothpicks, Coconut Bars, Gold Mine Gum, Hot Tamales, Jujyfruits, Licorice Pipe, Long Boys, Mike & Ikes, Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll, Slap Stix, Snaps, Sugar Daddy Pops, Teaberry Gum, Tootsie Pops Wax Lips, Bit O Honey, Bazooka Gum, Chick O Sticks, Neccos, Root Beer Barrels, Salt Water Taffy & Walnettos.

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