03 September 2010

Hot Deals Gap Online

Here's the awesome deal at GAP online valid Today Only!!

  • Get 10% Cash Back if you buy through Ebates (read about ebates below)
  • receive 25% off  entire purchase with code GPLABORDAY (Today Only)
  • Free shipping on orders over $50 with code  GAPSHIP50 

Do you use ebates? If not check out all about it HERE or read below.
So here's the down low on ebates.  First of all you get a % back on anything you buy if you go through there site to purchase.  In the Gap scenario above you will get a 10% check in the mail for that purchase.  Each person I refer, I get a $5 referral fee and, in turn, the person who signs up also gets a $5 credit into their account.  Here's my referral email (athriftydiva@yahoo.com) or link.

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